pixel--ghost asked:

How old do you think Bane is? My guess is that he's at least late 30's early 40's. I could be totally wrong though.

I’ve struggled with this too! The timeline for the entire trilogy, and Bane’s life within that trilogy (see me talk at length about that HERE), is really quite fuzzy. We also don’t really get any reference information in the movie (ie we don’t know how old Talia is) to help us pin it down. According to THIS FORUM, Talia is about 10 years old when Bane helps her out of the pit. We still don’t know how old Bane is there, but probably late teens/early twenties. Talia, according to the script, is in her thirties at the time of The Dark Knight Rises, so there is about 20 years between her escape from the pit and the present as portrayed in The Dark Knight Rises. So that would put Bane in his forties. That is the rough timeline I agree with.

The movie never confirms either Bane’s or Talia’s ages, nor does it confirm any length of time in their timelines. So even if the script if more specific, the actual content of the movie doesn’t shed much, if any, light on the age matter. So we are all pretty free to theorise about it all. The link I provide above goes into a lot of detail and uses extra information to come to a conclusion, but based solely on the movie, we can basically think what we like!

HERE is a link to another forum where people discuss Bane’s age.

And HERE is a link to The Dark Knight Rises IMDB FAQ page which includes an entry about Bane’s age about a third of the way down the page. 


Thanks for the ask! And sorry for the delay in response!

ligisnape asked:

Dear Mr. Bane do you in anyway feel connected to your comic book counterpart? You are an amazing strong man, however I do feel as if Nolan gave you one dimension when you have so much more to you. Like the time you and Batman became allies to save Gotham from a worse threat or the fact that you have Osito, which is never in the film.

One dimension? Perhaps you were not paying attention, Gothamite…